Rajasthan Tribals

Rajasthan Tribals

According to Indian constitute Rajasthan has a 12% tribal population among the total population of the state. The main tribes of Rajasthan are Minas and Bhils, they are basically coming from Afganistan. Apart from these tribes you can find some other smaller tribes in Rajashan that quite different from the main like jewelry, costume, fair and festivals. Divino Indian Memoirz welcomes you to experience the Rajasthan Tribal on your Tour to Rajasthan.

Fateh Sagar Lake

This lake is situated in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It was originally built by Maharana Jai Singh later it was rebuilt by Maharana Fateh Singh after which the lake was named. Many tourist come here to enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake, Boating facility is also available. There is a boat shaped café which is also an attraction for visitors. This lake is connected to Lake Pichhola through a steep canal.

We are offering some information about the Rajasthani Tribes and Nomads:


Bhils are the largest tribal community of Rajasthan that's around 39% of total tribes. The habitat area of this tribe is Banswara, they also a fine archers. Bhils women are also found in the famous Indian epic Mahabharata and Ramayana, at that time they were only food gatherers. Now a days they started small-scale agriculture, permanent residence and employment. The Bhaneshwar fair and Holi are the two major festivals they celebrate.


Minas is also a tribal group of Rajasthan that is the second largest tribal of Rajasthan. They are residing in Shekhawati and eastern region of Rajasthan. Minas celebrates their marriages at the young age of the children.

Gaduliya Lohars

The Gadiya Lohar tribe is the travelling blacksmiths that named for their attractive bullock cart also called Gadis. Originally this tribe is a martial Rajput tribe, they left their house when emperor Akbar exiles Maharana Pratap from Chittorgarh.


Sahariyas is the most backward tribes of Rajasthan, they inhabit in the southeast region of the Rajasthan like Dunagarpur and Sawai Madhopur. The main occupation of the tribe is fishermen, hunters and shifting cultivators.


Garasias is the small Rajput tribes that habitat at Abu Road a southern region of Rajasthan.

Some other tribes are -

  • Damors
  • Banjara
  • Kanjar
  • Sansi
  • Rabaris
  • Kathodi and Meo