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Desert National Park

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Thar is the only desert of India. Its fragile and unique ecosystem supports different and most unusually varied life forms in form of wild life species. All these plants and animals can be seen in the one of a kind Desert National Park in Jaisalmer city of Rajasthan. Spread in wide landscaped area of 3150 sq km, the Desert National Park is the biggest park of India in terms of wild life. The park is situated very close to India-Pakistan border and is an excellent example of diverse wildlife. Located in the most hot and humid temperature zone area, this land can be witnessed with rugged mountains, cracked land, salt lake bottoms and sand dunes, but still is a perfect place to explore reptiles and animals. The park is a natural habitat for a long list of wild life.

In the Desert National Park, you can see varieties of birds such as sand grouse, spotted eagles, gray partridges, shrikes, demoiselle crane, quails, peafowl bee-eaters, larks, eagles, harriers, falcons, orioles, warblers, babblers, buzzards, kestrel and vultures to name just a few along with tail lizard, desert monitors, sand fish, desert cat, hare, blue tailed and green bee-eaters, chameleons, gray partridge, chameleons, and snakes, chinkara, blackbuck, the desert fox, and Bengal fox among many others.