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Sariska National Park

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Sariska National Park is undoubtedly the largest visited and the most famous wild life sanctuary of India. It is located on the Delhi-Alwar-Jaipur highway. This park came into existence in the year 1958 and was then declared as Tiger Reserve Park of India. Set amidst the magnificent architecture of Sariska Palace, this wild life sanctuary is home to Nilgai, Cheetah, Leopard, Tigers, Hyena, Wild peacocks, Blue bull, Stag, Deer, and Jungle cat along with dominant tree species such as Dhok (Anogeissus pendula), Boswellia serreta, Lannea coromandelica, Kattha (Acacia Catechu), Bamboo, Palas (Butea monosperma), Arjun (Terminalia arjuna), Gugal (Commiphora wightii), Kadaya (Sterculia urens), Amla (Emblica officinalis), Bahera (Terminalia bellerica).and Ber (Zizyphus spp.).

The best time to visit Sariska is during the winters. This sanctuary is the perfect delight for birds and wildlife lovers who like to witness animals in their real habitat. There are plenty of ancient temples and old forts in Sariska that are worth a stop watch and cannot be missed to complete your journey.

Divino Indian Memoirz welcomes you to explore this enchanting forest life of Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary by clubbing your trip to near by tourists spot of Silliserh Lake and Pandupol. Accommodation is well provided in the forest lodge for a more rugged and adventurous stay and Sariska Palace for a luxurious hotel stay with all the modern amenities and comforts amidst a dense forest.