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Indian marriage catches the eye of the world due to its sanctity and charisma. Westerns always prefer Indian ritualistic marriage due to its never-ending bond between the couples, though it is a metaphor. Rajasthan royal wedding is a significant part of Indian heterogeneous marriage system due to its grand style and ritualistic customs. The Sariska Palace of Alwar district of Rajasthan once the hunting lodge of the maharajas is now converted into a heritage hotel. It is located in adjacent to the famous Sariska Tiger Reserve displaying its royalty, colors and elegance. The scenic idyllic setting of the palace is a feast to the eye. A newcomer will wonder seeing the magical beauty of the Sariska palace mostly of a night lit view.

The Sariska Palace offers a dazzling ambience to celebrate one's most expected days of life. This heritage hotel provides innovative ideas and traditional themes parties to add a peculiar charm to the ceremony. Moreover the world class amenities of the hotel can make a royal wedding a grand celebration. One can make his wedding a special moment in life amidst the celestial ambience created under the open sky.

Features of Sariska Royal Wedding :

Besides the seven vows of Indian weddings, Sariska palace arranges traditional folk music, dances and various ceremonies to make wedding a memorable event. The royal wedding at Sariska symbolize the glorious royal past of Rajasthan and Indian rich culture. Whether it is decoration, music programs, reception, it offers excellent service to the guests. It can host gala function for 1000 people altogether at the manicured lawns.